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So, What Inks Your Pen?

What gets you motivated to write? Is it a deep conversation with a loved one, a beautiful memory, a traumatic event or an amazing obstacle you overcame that you just have to share? BPI wants to keep the flame lit for whatever keeps your desire burning to tell your story. Our goal is to help you get your ideas out of your mind and into book format. Please share what gets your ink flowing below and we will contact you, shortly.


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Book Therapy

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Sometimes you just need to tell your side of the story. Whether it's for yourself, your family or the world to see, BPI wants to help you write it. In your story you can be the hero, you can change the ending, or you can tell it like it is. Writing is a fascinating way to help you in your journey to healing and our sessions are designed to help you express your emotions, thoughts, and memories into words with a professional writing and life coach.

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