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Meochia Nochi Thompson


Meochia is a very passionate Woman of God, Wife, Mother, Poet, Author, Commentator, Inspirational Speaker and the Publisher of Blessed Pen Ink. She wears many hats but only serves one God! She is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago and has a BA in TV & Radio Broadcasting and Print Journalism. Meochia hosts a radio show and podcast, Life Chats, which aired on Magic 104.9FM and in the City of Grand Rapids. Newer shows are on She's also the Coordinator of a mentoring program called RUTH (Reaching Up Towards Heaven) for young ladies, ages 11-College and women. She is a Contributing Writer for Women's Lifestyle Magazine, teaches journalism workshops to schools and volunteers for Bible Club in her spare time. She is happily married to Dr. Curtis A. Thompson, Associate Executive & Connections Pastor at Kentwood Community Church. They share five very creative and beautiful children and live in Michigan.  

Meochia has just completed her newest book, "The NO Journal" which focuses on helping "people pleasers" and "givers" reclaim their yes by exercising their no. The book challenges readers to 90-Days of Saying No to Mess and Stress and Yes to Your Success! Her goal is to prevent people who have an issue saying no from becoming a dumping ground for themselves and others (family, friends, church, work, etc.) who take advantage of their giving spirits and to get to the root of why it's so hard to say no in the first place.


Meochia has been writing poetry and children's stories since the age of six. She spent ten years completing A Book of Poetry A Sister Can Eat To: Nourishment for the Mind, Body, and Soul. It is packed with three things she contends to do best: talk, write and cook! She lovingly and openly shares some of her most intimate life lessons as encouragement for others because she believes in “lifting the bandages in order to heal, no matter how much it hurts”. She feels it will strengthen the spiritually crippled and uplift the spiritually mature. Her goal is to help women discover their awesome strengths, heal from past afflictions and move forward in their new life with Christ! 


A Book of Poetry A Sister Can Eat To is a blessing from God, and she hopes it touches each person who reads it. As you peruse each wisdom-filled page, you will get to know more about the author and discover you may have more in common with her than you think! For booking information, please write to To learn even more about Meochia, call to schedule a meeting,  616-239-2323!


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