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BPI Chats


BPI Chats are moderated discussions amongst women, teens, college students and corporate employees that inspire, provoke thought and turn dreams into action by challenging individuals to rise above themselves. Click links below for a description of each chat.


Schedule yours today. It's as easy as 1,2,3!



Gather at any private place you choose or join us in a public forum for a friendly conversation designed to help you unwind, unleash and become even better than before! Not only do BPI Chats provide nourishment for your mind and spirit, they fill your tummy, too! Yum, Yum! Meals vary in public forums but in a private chat, you can customize your menu any way you like. Try one of our tasty salads; they are a BPI favorite in which everyone takes part! Scroll down to schedule your chat today! Complete the form below and let’s get started!  

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