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College Chats


College Chats are a great way for students and/or college organizations to get to know each other. It all starts with the word "food"! From adjusting to independence, staying on task, choosing the right major and friends to dating tips and trip-ups, they are fantastic conversation starters! Let’s face it, talking about being all grown up is one thing, but getting there is something else. There’s so much responsibility, so many demands, and not a lot of sympathy. We design college chats to keep young adults inspired and help guide them to the gates of their new lives as productive, independent, critical parts of society. These thought-provoking conversations will help them stay on track, avoid paths leading to nowhere, and get on to the bright future ahead!














Sneak Peek: BPI College Chat for Black Student Union @ St. Joseph's College in Renssealer, IN.

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