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Melanie Staggers


Rev. Melanie Staggers is an ordained minister and the founder of Expressions of Grace, a non-profit ministry dedicated to strengthening the unity of families by an awakening within women! She is a licensed practitioner for Myers Briggs and a Natural Health Consultant.


Rev. Staggers began ministry in 1995, primarily teaching men behind prison walls. As a result of her practical approach to Christianity, she is often sought after for one-on-one consultation.  She is known for her passionate and unapologetic teaching style on topics such as parenting, female accountability, health through God’s eyes, and living an authentic and contemplative spiritual lifestyle.


Rev. Staggers lives in Merrillville, Indiana, and is the proud parent of three lovely and spirit-filled daughters, each executing God’s wisdom and continuing the legacy of kingdom building like their mother. If you would like to book Melanie to speak at your upcoming event, please write to


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