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H.U.G. Campaign 2015


Join our HUG Campaign and Help Uplift Goodness! If you believe in the power of the human touch and you love to hug or you just want to show your support, we are accepting donations and selling t-shirts on this site. Our goal is to raise $5000 to help support Caregivers in 2015! Thank you to everyone who volunteered for our Magnificent Mile of Hugs Event on July 18th. We hugged nearly 500 people!


We chose Caregivers this year because we believe they are silent heroes. Not silent because they don't have a voice, but because they are busy caring for others who need their undivided attention. These professionals, relatives and friend's sacrifice so much of their own lives to make sure those who are disabled, sick, elderly, suffering from Alzheimer's, or just incapable of caring for themselves can live comfortably and have companionship. We just want to say thank you! So, please support us by getting a t-shirt and hugging someone today! Hugs feel so good and they don't cost a thing, except maybe a smile.


Buy your hugger t-shirt, donate and/or check out some interesting facts about HUGS & Caregivers or learn about the recipients of our 2015 HUG Awards below:

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Batteries Plus Homewood Love Hugs!

Batteries Plus Homewood Love Hugs!

Official HUG Card

Official HUG Card

This HUGGING stuff is adorable!

This HUGGING stuff is adorable!

Just getting started

Just getting started

Reshae loves to hug!

Reshae loves to hug!

Disha loves to HUG!

Disha loves to HUG!

I am a HUGGER!

I am a HUGGER!

Both Moniques and both Meochia's HUG

Both Moniques and both Meochia's HUG

The HUG Crew

The HUG Crew

HUG Alert! It's contagious!

HUG Alert! It's contagious!

The Stevenson's HUG!

The Stevenson's HUG!

HUG Hype!

HUG Hype!

A quick HUGGLE

A quick HUGGLE



Now everybody HUG!

Now everybody HUG!

Oops you forgot your HUG!

Oops you forgot your HUG!

HUGS spread love!

HUGS spread love!

BPI HUG Event Flyer

BPI HUG Event Flyer

BPI HUG Event Flyer

BPI HUG Event Flyer



HUG logo

HUG logo

front of hugger tee

front of hugger tee

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back of hugger tee

back of hugger tee

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Congratulations to the Caregiving Recipients of the

2015 HUG Awards

Caregiver Network

Armedia Parham

Anthony Jones

Sheila Roddy

Maurice Kellogg

Anthony Jones

Connie Fitch-Blanch

Barbara Wilkins


Enjoy some of the entree letters:


My next door neighbor, Anthony, deserves the Platinum Hug Award if there is one! Anthony was not initially our neighbor until a few years ago when he took on the task of being his mother's caregiver. Anthony put a lot on pause when he decided to care for his mother. I applaud him because you never see him without a smile on his face. Not only does he care for his mom, he helps out others in our community as well. Individuals in circumstances like my neighbor's are often overlooked and I believe that it's unfortunate. That's why I am nominating Anthony for the HUG Award.I believe that he deserves to be recognized for the daily assistance he provides to his mother. He has patience, care, and most importantly compassion. He exemplifies what it takes to be a caregiver,and that is an reward within itself! Please choose my neighbor for the HUG Award!


I would like to nominate my 79 year old mother, who is retired but is currently a caregiver for a 1-year-old little boy. I'm nominating her not just because she finds the strength and motivation to get up every morning to care for this very active 1-year-old but because she is the leader of our family and even though she doesn't physically take care of us, she takes care of us in so many other ways. My mother always has a kind word of encouragement, a gentle loving hug or a word of prayer, and scripture to lift our spirits when we are going through tough times. My mother has provided guidance to me as a single mother and I honestly don't know where I would be if it hadn't been for her guidance and example of strength that she has shown me. My mother is always giving to others and often puts others needs before her own, she has always been the back bone of our family, and it amazes me that after raising five children of her own and helping raise a couple of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, she still has the energy to care for a small child at her age. My mother is a very vibrant active loving and Christian, senior citizen, full of wisdom, and she is still living life to the fullest. I think that her receiving this award will remind her of how much she means to us.


My friend, Connie Fitch-Blanche, has been caring for her elderly mother. Her siblings have given this responsibility to her.  Connie has her own personal set of challenges that she is currently dealing with and she constantly puts the needs of her mother above her own.  Connie is a young, senior citizen herself.  However, she keeps it moving by keeping her faith in God! I think she would be the most appreciative of receiving this award and it would lift up her spirit. Thank you for this opportunity!


My cousin, Maurice, has done plenty of things in his life and some of them weren’t the best!  He has fallen on some hard times but always managed to pick himself up and independently take care of himself. Life didn’t always treat him fairly but he made the best of his circumstances. And no matter how dirty life got, he always managed to stay clean, in his surroundings and his appearance , especially his clothing. Well, I do remember him taking care of his brothers and sisters when he was younger and even my eldest cousin’s children when we became adults. But nothing compares to how well he has taken care of my eldest Uncle. My uncle had a leg amputated and problems moving certain parts of his body, making him immobile. None of my Uncle’s caregivers could bare the demand of caring for him and his attitude that came along with it. However, my cousin stepped in without even being asked. He is a young man and has given up part of his life to take care of my uncle. He bathes him, changes his sheets, cooks for him and cleans his house. He does all this work without any pay and although the job is demanding, he does it without regret. My cousin is uplifting goodness and when I see him again, he is going to get the biggest hug, ever. I had no clue he was doing all this until someone else in the family told me and others soon confirmed it. I am so proud of him and love him dearly for what he is doing. He definitely deserves a HUG award!


I would like to nominate a very dear friend of mine, Sheila Roddy, who gives unselfishly to everyone; friend, family or stranger.  She gets up early in the morning answering requests from everyone to attend parties, weddings and celebrations.  It’s no secret that if she shows up, she will never come empty handed. She spends her days shopping for anyone she thinks may like something that catches her eye. She is the sweetest woman ever and she doesn’t ask for anything in return. In fact, if you buy her something, it would have to be a total surprise because she will not accept it, stating that she already has everything she needs. The reason she deserves a Caregiver HUG Award is because on top of all she does already, this new retiree has taken to the task of caring for her sick sister. She used to visit her sister every day when she was in the hospital but now she cares for her inside of her own home. Sheila makes sure her sister gets to appointments; out to visit her children and anywhere else her sister desires to go for some recreational fun. This is also not the first time she has taken care of a family member or friend, she is just a Godsend to so many.  She does it all with a smile and she doesn’t complain. Not only does Mrs. Roddy deserve an award, she deserves the biggest hug of all!



Click below for some great Stats and Tips for Caregivers, Courtesy of CAN (Caregiver Action Network) and a Fun Facts about Hugs Article:


10 Tips for Family Caregivers

Stats About Caregiving

Fun Facts About Hugs


Feel free to click the business names below to learn more about Our Partners:

Sam Dixon

Derrick James

Corey Smith

Anthony Mace

Mitchell Rashada

Disha Roddy

Broc Thompson

​Marcus White

Sheila & Janavia Roddy

Arthur Jones

Hirut Negassi

Shannon & Charles Sanders

Laura Metzner

Patricia Jefferson

Joshua Smith

Patricia Smith

Rebecca Villalobos

Ashley Smith

Anthony Mace

Christiana Williams

David Blutcher

Keelah "Bee" Washington

Dr. Paris "Hug a Little"

Curtis A. Thompson

G. Conferee

Bishop Ronnie White

Marciano Lamar

Thank you to all our Supporters:

Marlene McDonald

& The Super Troopers

Angie Cruz

Willie Smith

Cherryl Johnson

Daja Jackson

Ms. V Brown

Brianna Montegomery

Beverly Walker

Jamella Goosby

Mae McCree

Robert Parnell

Mary Rizzo

Kimberly Buchalo

Johanna Gonzalez

Tiffany Frencher

Laurice & Larry Geanes

Brett Banks

Yvonne Johnson

Betty Thompson

Natasha Creal

Amy Shropshire

Victoria Lloyd

Kierra Robinson

LaShunda Felton

Meochia Aponi Thompson


Village Cleaners

2557 Flossmoor Rd.

Flossmoor, IL



Star Nail & Spa

3216 Vollmer Rd.

Olympia Fields, IL



Great Clips

3224 Vollmer Rd.

Olympia Fields, IL



Yesterday's Gentlemen


1024 Park Drive

Flossmoor, IL



Express Yourself Salon

1046 Sterling Ave

Flossmoor, IL



Farmers Insurance Agent

Toyas N. Rudolph, M.A.

2007 Ridge Rd.

Homewood, IL



Styles by Opal

1918 Ridge Rd.

Homewood, IL



Wholistic Life Ministries


Tovar Shoe Repair

1036 Sterling Ave.

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LJ Graphics Art

1032 Sterling Ave.

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2550 Central Drive

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Fresh Starts Restuarant

1040 S. Sterling Ave

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Artistic Dental Center

Dr. Gruber

15445 South Park Ave.

South Holland, IL



Patrick H. Spina

Attorney at Law

2559 Flossmoor Rd.

Flossmoor, IL



Cover Girl Upholstery

2557 Flossmoor Rd.

Flossmoor, IL




17958 S Halsted St.

Homewood, IL



Duo's "Nearly Nu"

2015 Ridge Rd.

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The Alphabet Campus

736 Ridge Rd.

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Kingston's Jerk Chicken

4253 W 167th Street

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Joses Lawn Care

Landscaping & Lawn Care



Richton Perks Coffee Shop

3812 Sauk Trail

Richton Park, IL



Angelo's Fresh Market

1044 Sterling Ave.

Flossmoor, IL




Jocelyn Manning

Maggie Bernal

Patrick Smith

Aliyah Thompson

Tenille Peters

Andre Peters

Della Peters

Phyllis Shepard

Melodie Peters

Tania Scott

Kathy & Scott MacGanosh

Becky MacGanoshi

Bobbie Potts

Shantelle Mainville

Carmen Mainville

Henry Kellogg

Shelly Hammonds

Kat Borham

Carla Travis

Faith Williams

Teena Malone

Joseph Corsino

Dianne Needles

LaDonna Jones




Make it Straight Auto Body & Paint

51 North Street

Park Forest, IL



Art 4 Soul

Gallery-Boutique-Ceramic Painting

18135 Harwood Ave.

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REDD Driving School

18662 Dixie Highway

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