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We're a full service, professional and affordable publisher. Our goal is to transfer the treasures of your heart and mind onto the page so you can inspire others to be their best! 


We strategically map out a plan to make your book profitable from start to finish, so you and your readers are blessed with the best possible experience. You don't always need a complete manuscript to begin the publishing process. Sometimes an idea is enough to plan the perfect book you would like to create. We don't take what you have to say lightly and we want to help display your work in the best possible light. 


The illustrations below are from the children's book, "Poems of an Artsy, Smartsy 10-Year-Old", by Brandy Kneedly. Here's an example of our working with you from start to finish:

Character Development
Character Development

Rough pics of characters for "Poems of an Artsy Smartsy 10-Year-Old!"

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Rough Draft
Rough Draft

First image without color.

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Rough Final
Rough Final

Trees, houses and detail added.

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Rough Final Page
Rough Final Page

Pumpkins, houses and art added

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Blessed Pen Ink can assist with any and all your publishing needs. Contact us today at inspire@blessedpenink! Most services are listed below:





Copy Editing


Technical Editing

Book Cover Design

Page Layout and Design

Photo Shoots

Head Shots

Author Bio



Song Writing

Book Signing

Press Release

Social Media Announcement







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