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Speaking Engagements


Get Meochia Nochi Thompson, a BPI author, or BPI friend to speak at your upcoming event. Everyone, no matter their nationality, ethnicity, ability, age, gender or profession, can use a little inspiration! Whether in a song, book or sprawled out all over the pages of your favorite site, words can make a difference in your entire outlook of the world. Our speaking engagements are not lectures but real life lessons, conversations and stories about overcoming obstacles, beating the odds and pushing forward no matter the circumstance. They are designed to encourage willing individuals and bring about positive change by seeing experiences from different angles. Sometimes it's really all about a fresh perspective. We don't just talk at people; we talk to them and listen for understanding because we care about what they are trying to say, as much as we want you to care. We work with small or large groups and organizations, from teenagers to retirees.


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Meochia N. Thompson


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