Aboutthe Inspirationalist 

Everyone wants a title. If you can't afford to wait around for the world to give you one, then you have to be brave enough to create your own. That's why I am called an "Inspirationalist". An inspirationalist encourages others to pursue their destiny by reaching goals and exploring their purpose in life.  My name is Meochia Nochi Thompson and I want to inspire you to go even higher! That is what Blessed Pen Ink is all about. We help writers become authors with a plan, ordinary people become extraordinary talents and businesses create happier, healthier work environments for employees, with more efficient and effective products and well informed, repeat consumers! With our Publishing, Marketing and Chats, we strive to take you even further than your own expectations! 


Meochia Nochi Thompson

President & CEO

"You are your most valuable asset! You have to truly be willing to invest in yourself and believe you are worth it."

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