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Finally, HELP for breaking the strongholds of childhood trauma and other stressors!


Chanel Pryor did not write this book “to shame anyone” but to show how certain situations from the past can affect your future and offer some relief. This book shares the ways she found healing and the will to keep going. She knows there are many others facing the same obstacles so, she hopes her readers will know they can overcome all things through Christ.


Meditations for a Healthy Mind & Body: Healing for the Low at Heart is about spiritual coping mechanisms, the power of prayer, and reassurance of going back to your bible for guidance in your everyday life after suffering child abuse, molestation, addictions, identity crisis and mental health issues. Chanel filled each chapter with pieces of with wisdom she received after meditating on certain scriptures in the bible and experiencing many personal battles.


This book helps people who suffer from mental illness, abuse, or traumatic situations. There are a series of lessons, advice, scriptures, prayers, and key points to help you get through some of life's challenges. This book will empower you with the strength to fight for your life and a continuous faith in God who strengthens us all!

Meditations for a Healthy Mind & Heart: Healing for the Low At Heart

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